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Hi, I'm Adam

I want to help your company stay safe online by providing Exemplary Answers™ to your cybersecurity questions.

My bots scan over 100,000 websites a day to identify common vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that hackers can exploit to infultrate your business.

If you got an email from one of my bots, it is because you have a weakness that a hacker could use to cause damage to your business, your employees, and your customers.

If you don’t know how to fix the issue, I can help.

I’m certified across many technologies, including being a CISSP, an ethical hacker, forensics investigator, and holding both AWS Professional certificates.

I’ve spoken internationally at cybersecurity conferences and authored a book on small business cybersecurity. I hold a BSB in Finance and a MS in Cybersecurity. I wrote my thesis on practical cyber security for small businesses, like yours.

I am a Doctoral candidate researching the best ways to actually implement a cybersecurity plan in small businesses - spending less time on theory and more time on getting results.

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My Services

I focus exclusively on small businesses.

My services are tailored for companies with 1-50 employees that use AWS to build technology.

Complete Cybersecurity

You have a business to run. Let me worry about your security plan so you can focus on your serving customers first....

AWS Best Practices

Don’t worry if your software will collapse when you add new customers. I will help you build a scalable system...

Clarity of Mind

Keep calm with a trusted advisor explaining what you’re actually up against in plain English, not jargon....

The Inner Circle

I limit the number of clients I work with so I can provide you with the best quality service around the clock. That quality of service means immediate responses, a private Slack channel, and video and voice calling anytime.

If you need a cybersecurity advisor on call for guidance, handling issues, and providing Exemplary Answers™, you need my help.

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