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Developers Quite Literally Speak Another Language

Many developers are fluent in multiple languages. No, not languages that you speak to a human, but languages that you speak to a computer. Developers build and test systems in their heads, finding out the most logical way to go from what you are asking to making the computer produce that output.

But not all people speak English with the same quality or style. You would not expect Shakespeare from a child. Not every adult is a great orator. In the same way, developers program with different styles and levels of competency.

When you are selecting a development team, you need someone to gauge their quality, competency, and preferred way of working. You need someone who speaks the language of developers and can translate that back to you.

You Want Results, Not Complex Technical Questions

Too many small business leaders find themselves making complex technical decisions without really understanding what they are deciding. Many times, you simply want a certain outcome. The product must work like you envision, but your developers keep asking questions about drop down menus. You want to store data on customers, but for some reason your developers are telling you that’s not possible.

As a business person, your job is to hold the large vision of what the product must do. You need to find the customers willing to pay for the product. But someone must be in charge of the technical decisions that your team is asking.

I can help you understand what and why your developers are asking the questions they are, as well as how to best get ahead of the problem before it delays your business schedule.

Marrying Business and Technology

My experiences have uniquely prepared me to translate between business and technology. As an avid technologist, I am a polyglot, programming in many languages and many levels of “the stack”. I can do frontend, backend, database, and infrastructure development. This means that I can understand the technical complexities your development team will encounter.

But I also have a degree in Finance and have served as an advisor for many companies. I understand the business objectives, how to plan, and the necessity of technology meeting business goals for purposes that may not be readily clear to developers.

As a technical advisor for your company, I can help serve as the translator from the technology world to the business world, ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation. I specialize in explaining complex technology concepts in a way that makes sense to you.

If you are feeling like your team is speaking a different langauge to you, I can provide Exemplary Answers™ that helps you understand what is going on.

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