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From policy to servers to employees, let me help protect you.

You have a business to run. Let me worry about your security plan so you can focus on your serving customers first.

Feel like you can have convenience or security? I believe you can have both. I will help align your security to the way your business currently runs.

You need someone watching your security

For much of the last decade, cyber security was thought to be a cost to business. However, as the data breaches of 2018 and beyond have clearly shown, ignoring cyber security at your company can lead to hacks that ruin your business, causing it to shut down.

Many large companies are now using cyber security as a competitive advantage to draw in new customers. The largest companies recognize that proper security can be used to drive revenue. This also applies to your company.

You need to secure the data that you handle for your customers. You need to secure the data about your own business as well. Each day, you and your employees handle information that seems valueless on its own, but combined can be quite valuable for hackers.

Any business that operates using technology now is susceptible to a cyber attack. If you create and run custom technology and code, you are especially vulnerable to many attack vectors. Even just using email opens you up to phishing, which can cause your employees to accidentally send money overseas, give up access to your social media accounts, or send bad emails to customers.

States and countries are taking notice as well. If you do business overseas, even shipping a single item to a customer in Europe, you fall under the regulation of GDPR. If you do business in California, you will soon fall under the regulation of that state as well. Both laws take a tough approach to breaches of customer privacy. Your business needs to show adherence to two legal standards called “due diligence” and “due care” in order to avoid costly fines and liability.

In this age, every company needs a plan for cyber security. Let me help you by providing the expertise needed for the standard of “due care” to be legally met.

If you do not have a plan for cyber security, you need one NOW.

What I’ll Provide

As a cyber security advisor to your company, I will provide a wide range of services to keep you, your employees, and your products secure.

The main services I provide are listed below:

Risk Identification and Planning

Before we begin selecting and implementing cyber security for your company, I do a holistic risk audit for your company. Leveraging my expertise across industries, I identify and rank the most likely risks that your company faces.

Once we understand the risks that your company faces, we can begin to plan what to do with those risks and keep your company safe.

Employee Security

Every employee is at risk of attack. Attackers try to use social engineering to persuade your employees to harm your company, whether they know it or not. Even simply being overly helpful to a caller can put your company at risk.

Using software and training, I can help protect your company from inside attacks and accidents.

Infrastructure Security

The physical technology that your company runs is also a major risk. From data centers, servers in the cloud, laptops, cellphones, and your website, the potential attack avenues are many.

I will help your company select and implement a framework of security that best fits how you use physical technology.

Ongoing Monitoring and Training

I will monitor the services we agree need to be implemented for your company and alert you if there are issues that occur. I also provide ongoing training to your employees on cybersecurity. Weekly meetings provide a place where you can ask questions and advice and where I will provide Exemplary Answer™ to you and your company.

How I Provide It

My process begins with understanding where your company currently is on its cyber security journey. Once I understand where the current risks are, I will then work with you to prepare a plan to tackle the relevant risks.

That plan is unique to your company and can be used to show compliance with the standard of due care that courts expect you to provide.

Once we begin implementing the security plan, I will help you with vendor selection, setting up software, and general cyber security training for your employees.

On an on-going basis, I will help monitor the security of your company and products. I will have a weekly call with your executive team to discuss concerns and provide Exemplary Answers™ to your questions.

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